Wednesday 13 April 2011

Online Prevention

Over the past few years I have been engaged in the strategic issues concerning e-crime and online criminality from the creation of CEOP to the roll out of ActionFraud. Throughout this period we have relied on a range of agencies and sites for advice and guidance.
Below is a chart of just a few sites covering some of the areas that impact on e-crime issues

The reason for raising this is that I would like to see a great deal more energy spent linking sites up or at least demonstrating the value of eachothers contributions, rather than operating is silos. the list below are not necessarily examplars of either but they do typify some of the approaches.

As we move towards the creation of the National Crime Agency  and whatever the Economic Crime Agency will be, the time has come to ensure that more advisory sites, particularly those owned by the public sector need to be more joined together. It would also be useful if there was some independent way of assessing these sites against eachother and perhaps even supporting those that share the same principles.

So if you spot sites offering online guidance it would be usful to test that advice against other sites and perhaps welcome and celebrate where they match.

Here is my list of favourites. they are all created by dedicated staff working hard to do their best. It would be great if we could overlay the lessons and contributions with a vaneer of simplicity tro help the citizen

As normla your thoughst would be gratefully received

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