Tuesday 5 April 2011

Street Leaders

I have a number of issues I would like to blog about

·         Cuts in Police budget. And yes its 20% which we will have to meet.

·         The massive success of my new found friend Carlisle United at Wembley, great day out

·         The recent report on leadership by Neyroud.

·         The ACPO response to change within the service

·         Outsourcing and the interpretation of Collaboration

To name but a few, that I could and maybe will wax lyrical about later

No............ to all of them.

Today I spent the day with a group of Cumbria Police Sergeants and we worked through a range of critical Incidents from the subtle to the dramatic. Exploring how the role of Sgt interacts with the rest of the organisation and how we as corporate leaders need to ensure we provide the maximum support.

Remembering the Airplane comment “Get me the Sarge” brings back the thoughts of a caring, professional and stoic street leader who will get us out of any problem.

Rest assured todays Sgts have the same qualities but now operate in a much more complex world.
They are making highly impactive decisions to separate right from wrong, often with incomplete information, and sometimes working despite the organisation; rather than because of it.

Without doubt in a force the shape and size of Cumbria the Sergeantt is the difference between success and failure.

Not to be-little everyone else’s contribution, this group of people have to deliver our strategy and policy at the ground floor.

The lesson today for me is that I, and the organisation, can, and should do more to ensure that these front line leaders have been trained, prepared and supported to do their job properly.

My mission is to ensure that before we send these bight and able people into the front line of organisational accountability that we prepare them, grow them and nurture them to do the very challenging task they perform on behalf of the people of Cumbria Constabulary

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