Tuesday 26 April 2011

Farming collaboration and coveritlive.com

We have for some time made use of coveritlive.com as a tool for online conversations. We have run many over the last 12 months. It is a simple tool designed to help people establish an online event and is simple to use.

Today's event involved a range of views and participants with over 50 people being engaged as readers at different times. As a desktop tool it works to provide a link between people interested in a particular subject.

So today we were engaging with a range of farmers and farming community experts. It was a lively discussion and provided some new ideas as well as some thoughful reflections.

I learnt that a retina reader van be use dto prevent sheep theft as well as painting them orange. I also picked up some imaginative ideas about protecting farm property including fuel.

Whilst on its own it wont change the world. That is not the intention. But it does give us yet more exposure and experience of using a simple social networking tool, linking it to our Facebook and Twitter sites.

Later this evening we used it to cover issues around the Radio 1 weekend  event later this year. Again some interesting isuses but a chance for us to reach out to people who probably would not want to wait all night at a Hall or Hotel to discuss these issues with us.

We are learning and we hope to use this process many more times in the future. Tomorrow I am using it again for a discussion with Faith leaders in Cumbria about relationships with the Police. Should be interesting.

If you have seen any of our online events and can offer any feedback, please feel free to do so


For the Farmers online event

For the radio 1 Weekend online event

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