Wednesday 13 April 2011

Over the past few years I have been engaged in the strategic issues concerning e-crime and online criminality from the creation of CEOP to the roll out of ActionFraud. Throughout this period we have relied on a range of agencies and sites for advice and guidance.
Below is a chart of just a few sites covering some of the areas that impact on e-crime issues

The reason for raising this is that I would like to see a great deal more energy spent linking sites up or at least demonstrating the value of eachothers contributions, rather than operating is silos. the list below are not necessarily examplars of either but they do typify some of the approaches.

As we move towards the creation of the National Crime Agency  and whatever the Economic Crime Agency will be, the time has come to ensure that more advisory sites, particularly those owned by the public sector need to be more joined together. It would also be useful if there was some independent way of assessing these sites against eachother and perhaps even supporting those that share the same principles.

So if you spot sites offering online guidance it would be usful to test that advice against other sites and perhaps welcome and celebrate where they match.

Website Details
Area of Expertise
Public/Private Sector
National e-Crime Prevention Centre
The NeCPC is licensed by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) to provide Warning, Advice and Reporting Points for business community groups.
Public – West Midlands Police & University of Wolverhampton colaboration
Welsh Government
·         The Welsh Assembly Government’s business support is targeted at six key industry sectors.

Metropolitan Police –
Police Central eCrime Unit
·         Analysis and development of intelligence on e-crime to produce actionable intelligence products, in collaboration with other agencies.

Digital Systems UK managed by
We are a single focal point for UK Cyber Security expertise
Bridgend Community Safety Partnership
General Information of every day PC and eMail security
Local Authority
Gambling Commission
Advice for online gamblers
Public Body sponsored by the Department for Culture Media and Sport
Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
A multi-agency service dedicated to tackling the exploitation of children.
Action Fraud
Dedicated website to help those who have been the victim of (amongst others) social networking fraud
Public (Part of the National Fraud Authority)
Internet Watch Foundation
UK Hotline for reporting criminal online content

Private (Funded by member subscription)
Business Crime Reduction Centre
an initiative which helps small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Yorkshire and Humber region

Business Link
Contains a variety of information for anyone who is or considering starting a business.
Get Safe Online
A joint initiative between the Government, law enforcement, leading businesses and the public sector.

Public/Private joint initiative
Sophos Ltd

The security section gives advice on user education, security analyses and a spotlight on potential threats.

Information Security Awareness Forum

links to places where you will be able to find information and resources to help with security awareness.

Childnet International

options including ‘Social Networking’. And ‘Safe Searching’. Both files give out advice on being safe on the net.

Private – Registered Charity
Childnet International
Childnet International, is a non-profit organisation working with others to “help make the Internet a great and safe place for children
Private – Registered Charity
(Note – Same organisation as Kidsmart – See above)

Here are a further range of sites that offer guidance in this area

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