Stuart Hyde Associates

Stuart Hyde Associates


Stuart Hyde QPM
January 2014

Offering the following services in Cumbria and the North:
  Review of management awareness of IT risk
  Testing of existing leadership focus toward IT risk
  Capacity building within an existing budget. Focusing on the right things at the right time
  Table top testing in existing environments or out of office locations
  Managing a critical business issue effectively
  Workplace delivery of training events
  Leadership development and building new leaders for the future
  Connected to a range of networks, people and services both nationally and internationally


Stuart Hyde Associates is prepared to deliver custom designed training and development events to suit all budgets. Having a wide connectivity we can also
  Review existing or planned policies or documents
  Help you make applications
  Research issues for you nationally and internationally to help make more effective decisions

Stuart Hyde QPM

A very experienced senior law enforcement leader who has managed a wide range of policing arenas. A leader who operates outside the box and is comfortable in Commercial as well as Public Sector environments. Bringing creativity and a strong track record of working with Industry and other partners. Building solutions that are embedded in collaboration and world class delivery. Nationally and internationally connected in enforcement and commercial cyber-crime environments, has led policing issues including Fraud, Child Abuse, Student Crime, Electoral Crime and Wildlife Crime.

Possesses a significant breadth and depth from an extensive policing experience in a multitude of situations. Acts strategically, with an effective tactical insight, experience of leading metropolitan, rural and urban policing organisations and, at the highest level, managing substantial national assets and critical areas of Government policy. Has commanded highly sensitive and complex investigations.

Highly innovative with excellent people, technical and presentational skills and a caring and compassionate manager. Possessing vast media experience including at times of major crisis and is an acclaimed police Social Media expert. Substantial international engagement covering Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Vice President of the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (
Vice President High Tech Crime Consortium (
Director University of Cumbria
President Carlisle and West Cumbria Advanced Motorists
Retired Chief Constable and Deputy  Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary.

In 1983 he joined Avon & Somerset Constabulary starting his career in St Paul’s, Bristol. He held a variety of posts culminating in his final role as Head of Drugs & Crime Squads. 

In 1997 he was promoted to Detective Superintendent in West Yorkshire Police where he managed a number of Force Crime departments. He moved to a Senior Investigating Officers role in Bradford and was subsequently promoted to Detective Chief Superintendent. 

He was promoted to the post of Assistant Chief Constable in the West Midlands in April 2004 and took on the portfolio for Operations then from August 2008 moved to the portfolio for Crime. 

His national responsibilities have included the Police use of DNA, creating the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre CEOP and reducing crime against students. 

In 2006 to 2007 he was seconded to The Home Office (Immigration) as Strategic Director of Enforcement and helped to tip the balance of returning failed asylum seekers and increased the return of Foreign national Prisoners. 

On his return to force from the Home Office he undertook the Operations Portfolio and transformed the force state of preparedness for critical incidents and acts of terrorism. 

He is the lead nationally for Student Crime Reduction, E-Crime Prevention, and National Fraud Reporting Centre. 

Stuart is Vice President of the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace ( 

In 2008 he received an Honorary Doctorate in Technology from the University of Wolverhampton in recognition of his achievements in tackling online crime.

In June 2009 he became the Deputy Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary where he has strategic responsibility for Personnel and Development, Strategic Development, Professional Standards, Legal Services, Marketing and Media, I.T. and the Programme Management Unit.

He undertook a number of national responsibilities including Cybercrime Training and Cyber security as well as Rural and Wildlife crime

Following a spell as Temporary Chief constable he returned to his post as Deputy Chief Constable in September 2013 and retired at the end of December 2013 having served over 30 years.

In December 2013 he attended Buckingham palace and was presented with the Queens police Medal by HRH Prince Charles.

He has many outside interests including cycling, swimming and walking

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