Tuesday 9 May 2017


Ransomware Seminar 19th May 09.30-11.30
Ransomware is now one of the biggest threats to industry, charities, health and citizens. Find out how to protect yourself

Ransomware is now increasingly prevalent and makes PCs or devices  unusable until owners pay to unlock them. It can shut you down!
The risk to business is "significant and growing"
National Crime Agency and National Cyber Security Centre .
Yorkshire and Humberside CISP champion and Northern Powerhouse partner, aql's CEO Dr Adam Beaumont invites you to learn about       Malware and how to protect yourself

This event is supported by aql, Kaspersky the creators of No More Ransom, Leeds University and Europol.

If you would like to attend please book your place using the Eventbrite link below

Please bring identification. Parking is available at the Tetley Brewery Car Park opposite, or a short walk from Leeds Railway Station

The Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime team and our CiSP champion AQL are delighted to invite you to a seminar focusing on ransomware. The cost to business has increased year upon year as the attacks become more widespread.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software which takes control of its victims' device and encrypts the data making it unobtainable. The cyber criminal then demands a sum of money (often in the digital currency bitcoin) in exchange for returning their sensitive data.

Some businesses are now treating ransomware as an inevitable cost of doing business. Unfortunately, this ideology is what allows cyber criminals to sustain their living and fund illciit criminal activities.

The seminar seeks to empower businesses to protect themselves from ransomeware and upskill their knowledge on managing this type of attack.

Guest speakers

David Emm

Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab, a provider of security and threat management solutions.

He has been with Kaspersky Lab since 2004 and is a member of the company's Global Research and Analysis Team. He has worked in the anti-malware industry since 1990 in a variety of roles, including that of Senior Technology Consultant at Dr Solomon's Software, and Systems Engineer and Product Manager at McAfee. In his current role, David regularly delivers presentations on malware and other IT security threats at exhibitions and events, highlighting what organisations and consumers can do to stay safe online. He also provides comment to broadcast and print media on the ever-changing cyber-security and threat landscape. David has a strong interest in malware, ID theft and the human aspects of security. David is a knowledgeable advisor on all aspects of online security.

Professor David S. Wall

Professor of Criminology Leeds University

Professor of Criminology at the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies in the School of Law where he researches and teaches cybercrime, identity crime, organised crime, policing and intellectual property crime. He has published a wide range of 40+ articles and 12+ books on these subjects and has a sustained track record of interdisciplinary funded research in these areas from the EU FP6 & FP7, ESRC, EPSRC, AHRC & other funders, such as the Home Office and DSTL.

A member of various Governmental working groups, such as the Ministerial Working Group on Horizon Planning 2020-25, the Home Office Cybercrime Working Group (looking at issues of policy, costs and harms of crime and technology to society), and the HMIC Digital Crime and Policing working group. An Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS), a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and a Fellow of the Higher Teaching Academy

Stuart Hyde QPM

Member of the Europol Internet Security Advisory Board and the aql® appointed Regional Ambassador for CISP.

Completed a full career within the Police service in the UK with Exemplary Service and national recognition through the awarding of the prestigious Queens Police Medal and presentation of an Honorary Doctorate for commitment to Cybercrime prevention and detection. Now a private consultant on Cyber issues and Digital risk including digital forensics.
Possesses a significant breadth and depth from an extensive policing experience in a multitude of situations. Acts strategically, with an effective tactical insight, experience of leading metropolitan, rural and urban policing organisations and, at the highest level, managing substantial national assets and critical areas of Government policy. Has commanded highly sensitive and complex investigations.
Vice President High Tech Crime Consortium (www.hightechcrimecops.org

A/Detective Sergeant Matthew Fleming

Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Team

In 2015 DC Fleming joined the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit and has managed serious organised cyber crime investigations across the region. He is proficient in cyber crime investigation and digital examination including CSNI, RITES, AXIOM, Spektor and Cellebrite.

Best wishes
Stuart Hyde QPM
The Yorkshire and Humberside CISP champion and Northern Powerhouse partner, aql's CEO Dr Adam Beaumont has appointed Stuart Hyde QPM to promote the CISP for local organisations including business, schools, health and charities

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