Friday, 23 October 2015

TalkTalk some comments

Those interested in Cybercrime and the changing speed and extent of crime need look no further than the TalkTalk case for a good example of how life has changed.
This morning's BBC news broke the main story with concerns that up to 4M customer accounts had been compromised.

The Chief for TalkTalk, Dido Harding, was forced into undertaking many tasks to keep TalkTalk afloat and was extremely open in her comments and showed a caring side. Then many organisations started to flood Twitter and Facebook as well as the Media generally with "what should I do now comments?"

Basically change your passwords, check you bank account and contact TalkTalk or ActionFraud if there is a problem
Check out the Get Safe Online website, the primary site for prevention

Then the attacks started. Complaining about Dido's salary, previous attacks, the share price falling and huge speculation about who did it. Finally later in the day the threat and demand was sent by the alleged criminals

So what does this mean.

For a Business perhaps
At the top you are in the firing line, literally
Any attack can impact on public preception
That can hit confidence amongst customers and your share price or value
Exercise and learn together as a Top Team use Cybx for example 

Government perhaps
The need for a swift response operationally
The need to kick in an effective prevention and advice campaign eg GetSafeOnline
Ensure that regulatory agencies are quick off the mark and supportive

Law Enforcement perhaps
The need to act quickly and access the right data, processes and people
To have the capacity to deal with the issue using all national resources
To have knowledgeable people available when needed

Customers perhaps
Change your passwords regularly and effectively
Check the detaisl of your Bank accounts and Credit Cards
Read the information available to you and act on it

It would be nice to think this will be the last, it wont.

So prepare for for more TalkTalk episodes


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