Thursday 17 November 2011

Isle of Man. Partnership challenge

On Wednesday I visited the Isle of Man to present information and share discussion about the way the UK has addressed partnering within the Cybercrime and Fraud environment.
The IOM currently is considering the creation of a sophisticated Hi Tech Learning  centre that would build on it's existing technology industry eg Online Gaming but also create safety and security online for it's citizens and business community.
No simple task.
During my presentation I  outlined the challenges of establishing joint facilities at a national level but the value they deliver. 
Building on my experience helping to shape and create CEOP I covered a range of issues around the need for trust between partners both public and private sector and the value of making the commitment early
I covered the progress and development of the UK Cybercrime Strategy alongside the scope of new partnering bodies such as the Police Central eCrime Unit (PeCU) and ActionFraud 
All these national facilities have been developed outside the existing frameworks for individual organisational delivery and require a great deal from each component organisation
I would suggest the following as good starting point point based on the experiences of the last decade in shaping new partnerships.

A firm commitment to the development of a common goal
Having an agreed set of terms or description that is common to all
That the intended outcome of the new partnership is bigger than the combined inputs of each individual organisation. 
An understanding that trust is critical at all levels of the partnering organisations
That providing organisations may have to change their own methods of working to accommodate others
Gaining political support at the highest and most appropriate level is vital. The earlier the better
Finally a compelling vision that can be described in a short elevator journey.

The Isle of Man has a great opportunity to learn from the efforts and energies of partnering elsewhere, but with the vision displayed yesterday and a political will to deliver they could create something special that will be world class.

I think the UK should watch these developments with interest.

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