Monday 7 November 2011

Online Safety Guide

Over the past year we have been working on the creation of a simple guide to consolidate information for people covering online safety
Our aim was to create a simple guide that people could use to do an e-MOT on their use of the internet and protect themselves.
As a result we have created through a guide that is now on their site.
The booklet has been produced in conjunction with the publishers Rough Guides to give it a simple and recognisable feel and style.
The guide provides a range of ideas and suggestions to help the informed, the uninformed and the curious.
It is the start of a process of reconciling the type of advice available but it should be considered one tool in a tool box of protection.
Have a look at help and advice available elsewhere as well through or

It doesn't matter which place you go for advice, but that you research and think about how to protect yourselves.

Here is the link to the Rough Guide to online safety

Read and send us feedback.

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