Wednesday 27 July 2011

Some hints re visiting The Lakes

This blog has been done to help a Twitter friend.

It is not meant to be anything mor Ethan some helpful advice. I am happy to receive feedback from anyone better informed. Thanks

Firstly you should not go out on any moor or hill I'll-prepared. Basics such as food, waterproofs, water and first aid kit is essential. Map should be Explorer 25000 for walking and preferably in a waterproof case. Plus a compass. GPS is NOT enough.
Footwear should be firm and boots preferred especially if going out away from your car. 
Lots of great things for kids to do if you want something organised
Cumbria Tourism will help find a wonderful collectioof child friendly activities
The Lake District national park will also help

For a good walk that most young folk can do is Cat Bells

For good walks of all shapes sizes and length go to David hall who has an amazing collection

My favourite walks include Cat Bells and have seen many young folk go up, the views are great. 

Boat trip around Ullswater is a must.

There are numerous tea shops and pubs doted across the Lakes all of which provide great value. 

Windermere also contains a range of boat services as does Derwent.

Follow the country code, take your rubbish home, close all gates, keep the dogs on leads, etc etc
But enjoy yourselves. 

WEATHER. It is important to look ahead. We have found the best site is

Spending a few minutes the night before studying this could be the difference between a great day and a disaster. 

These are just a few hint for a newbe so add some comments and I will bring them into the next edition of this blog.

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