Sunday 24 July 2011

Hartsop Dodd Walk

This was a great walk up a steep hill. Parked at the end of Patterdale, in the Car Park at Hartsop.There is a good CP there where you donate to the local school. Also available, cold running water (stream) and an Ice cream/Tea van. The walk up the Dodd was challenging as its a bit steep but not too much. The views going up are excellent.
This is the view of the hill from the Car Park. Looks rough but actiually some good footholds on the way up but wear strong boots

View from the top looking down

On the way back I was able to witness some supurb shepparding of sheep with dogs. Wonderful to see the skills of the countryside. I wish it was as easy to move large number of people. They were all successfully directed into a large pen. Cumbria Kettling.

Following this a swim from what is now my favoured site, out to Nelson Island in Ullswater.

I have loaded some other pics to the rest of the blog site

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