Saturday 23 July 2011

Robinson Waik Sat 23rd July

I have loaded some more pics from todays walk. A really beautiful day with lots of 360 degree views.
Robinson is close to Cat Bells one of my favourite smaller hills. But Robinson gives you a good climb and then some fantastic views. At the top, a reward of a Cranston Pie ( and I dont know their PR man, I paid for it myself and I dont own shares)
Here are a selection of the pics the rest are in the Picaasa Album on the right

Newlands Church at the start

A view going up

View at the top

Valley en route down

We took a bottle with us. Shaken and stired, but a pleasant tipple for on the way down. Also not driving, so safe.

At the end over to Derwent and the jetty at the botton of Cat bells a fantastic swim.. the water is just right. And surprised to find a golf ball in the lake about 400M offshore. A beautiful end to a fantastic day

Finallyspent  much of the journey reflecting on yesterdays news and massacre in Norway. Nothing can ever justify such carnage. My thoughts and prayers with those tasked with making sense out of the situation and providing medical care, as well as police colleagues who will now have to put together what happened. But despite the stress and trauma they will face we must always remember the loss to the families and friends of those who died.

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