Saturday 14 May 2011

My day today

This morning I spent time with the Scout movement. Or rather I visited the Ratlingate camp site near Carlisle and met a large number of troops and groups of Beavers, Scouts and Explorers as well as their various leaders. All creating a fantastic experience for 100 young people. Many of whom were experiencing their first night away from home. Wrapped around the ambition of creating a fun weekend,a fantastic facility used by their peers throughout the year.
My thoughts are to recognise the massive contribution made by helpers, mums, dads, friends and other volunteers who make this happen. This is the cutting edge of Big Society. Creating experiences from true collaboration between willing skilled and able volunteers. To many of the young people there, this will be the start of a lifetime of scouting.
Let's celebrate this success and recognise the value that Scouting in all its manifestations brings to our society.
In contrast with the highly technical and sophisticated hi-tech sound system of R1BW on the other side of Carlisle, the scouts had a collection of iPhone, laptop speaker combination to support the singing. Practical, appropriate and free (ish). But it worked. And like Eurovision each participant was able to perform and be recognised for what they contributed to the event. My thanks and best wishes to all those engaged it making it work. You are the main event for me today. Keep up the good work.

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