Tuesday 3 May 2011

Teaching a Cop

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In 1999 I wrote an article called A Few Copperes Change"

It was about where policing was in relation to the Internet. For those who remember that far back it involved complex dial ups etc.

BUT the conclusions and recommendations are as real today as they were then. Here they are

"The Police service within the UK is not in a position to embark on the wholesale snooping that some authors fear. The lack of activity within force web sites demonstrates the clear need for national and local development. The police ability to respond to Internet crime is currently haphazard and based on luck rather than a prepared and researched provision of a service to the public.
Yet despite the lack of drive and enthusiasm for investigation skills and resources there is a building relationship between the Police and ISP’s that is flexible, legal and valued.
My Recommendations then 

1.       Police use of the Internet should be expanded to reflect the public’s greater.
2.       First contact staff should be able to identify the correct procedure for managing complaints made by the public. 
3.       Officers should be given the confidence to use the Internet and help develop their skills.
4.       The police service needs to maintain and improve the relationship with ISP’s in particular clear lines of access and expectations should be drawn. 
5.       Finally the Police Service should not shy away from greater involvement through the Internet and should be part of the ongoing debate. "
How true these comments are in relation to Social Media/Networking. Let us hope that there are more pioneers this time round.
Thanks you can find it all at
references to force websites relate to 1999 although the links may not work or will take you to up to date sites

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