Tuesday 17 November 2015

Cybercrime and George Osbornes speech

Whilst the speech by George Osborne was fascinating this morning  and full of some interesting anecdotes,  I am concerned, however, that the solid foundation he talks of will not be delivered and that the investment in Cyber intelligence and Analysis will be undermined. In particular perhaps we need the following

  1. No further cuts to policing and strengthen the police Cyber capability through Regional Cybercrime Teams and the NCCU
  2. Provide effective training and education for all Police Officers in Cybercrime prevention and detection
  3. Increase REAL investment and effectiveness in Prevention of cybercrime, particularly through GetSafeOnline and move some of the huge costs of CyberStreetWise towards it.
  4. Increase the number of joint industry and law enforcement exercising on Cyber attacks
  5. Enforce the Cybercrime Information SharingPartnerships. Many regions don’t have them yet, despite it being a national initiative
  6. Review the curriculum in schools for ICT and Computer Studies to better reflect the here and now and help gifted students stay on track (see comments of Charles Float R5Live)
  7. Increase the use of Cyber Specials to support Law Enforcement

Now is the time to make a dramatic but effective shift towards making the UK the safest place online.

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