Friday 6 May 2011

Music for the Gym

The advice I was given at the start of blogging was to mix it up

So what do I listen to at the gym, plug in, turn up the volume and rip it up on the cross trainer.

Here goes then, a list of "whats on my playlist" and perhaps why?

Current Favourite
The View ; Superstar Tradesman. This is one hell of a track, just lifts the speed right up and is used for intervals. The machine literally rocks when this is on. Stand well back.

Followed by Zane Lowes Up the Junction.
Slower but splits the speed down a little

Great mixed album The Ramones End of the Century. Mixture of speeds, best being Rock and Roll High School

Glee (sorry for this) a good selection of singalongs of popular tracks. But keeps me going.

Fratellis Costello Music, absolute classic. I became addicted to this catching the train from Victoria to Cryodn when working for Immigration (now Borders Agency)

Obviously The Clash ; I Fought the Law. The drum in at the start is awsome

Green Day. Just keeps up the pressure with some fast tracks

To get through the weight machines I like The Rifles, mixed speed but great sound

Do you have tracks that motivate you in the gym or on the road?

Any ideas would be appreciated

Thanks to Elite Fitness of Penrith

1 comment:

  1. I listen to music as well when working out. I call them my pump up music motivators. Sounds from JAY-Z and T-Pain are playing at my playlist.


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