Monday 14 March 2011

First comments

One of my guides asked me to cover some of the work of HTCC and Polcyb. HTCC is an online group of about 2000 Hi tech investigators across the globe. It is a "Not For Profit" and runs on a small subscription for which membrs have access to an excellent secure portal. Any issue about Hi tech crime is covered within the List
I need to update my bio. I am the Vice president of the HTCC

Polcyb is the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace. A Vancouver based Not For Porfit that like HTCC, is interested in a range of Cyber issues. However, it runs a series of conferences in locations around the globe. Unfortunatly I have missed the last 2 owing to operational commitments.
It is, however, an impressive collection of people run by the magnificent Bessie Pang.

There are many such organisations linking law enforcement around the planet, HTCIA for example or the International Chief Police Officers. All have a geniuine desire to add to the collective knowledge available to operational officers and staff. relying on the Nationally based routes for communications eg Interpol and Europol are sometimes clunky and rely on third parties. Officers and staff connecting directly can often sort out a range of issues prior to the legal approaches linking the judicial systems of each nation.

Policing is generally very similar across many countries. Whilst cops are not interchangeable they often have the same approach, sense of mission and commitment to do good, as well as parculiar humour.

I have met many highly committed cops in a range of environments who produce an excellent service to their public. Equally I have experienced some who I would not wish to see on the streets of the UK. Whatever the weaknesses of UK Policing I am rooted firmly in the belief that we still have a service here that is admired the world over. That is why there are far more countries looking to learn from us than the reverse.

Whilst I may criticise aspects of what we do locally and nationally I am still very much proud of all the people contributing to delivering a safer Britain.

That hits 2 of my suggested aims. Your ocmmenst would be much appreciated. More to follow.......

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  1. The internet is getting bigger and bigger - it will need to be policed eventually.

    For example I used to run a large online community, one member committed an act of fraud and tried to steal thousands of pounds. When it came to investigating the offence, I could find no help what so ever. None of the forces I approached wanted to take the case up and deferred me to other forces. I even looked into starting up an investigation myself (As I am a Special Constable) but was told that because none of the victims fell under the constabulary's area, I was unable to do this. Eventually I gave up. I often think what he is up to now, no doubt he has managed to steal more money off of innocent people.


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