Monday 9 November 2015

HTCC Briefing 4

HTCC Newsletter Update 4
The newsletter will aim to brief members on issues relating to Digital Forensics and collaboration as well as news about the HTCC  In the news recently
Please upload useful documents or those submitted to colleagues on request for help to the Cybercop Portal. There has been a lot of information added recently. If you are not a member please go to our public site
If you are a member please feel free to circulate these Briefing to colleagues. Whilst they contain opinions no protected data will be exposed through this system.

This article about UK policing highlights the problems faced in getting effective Digital Forensic work done quickly. As well as the unacceptable delay for victims it leaves real offenders free to re-offend. This will be a big issue globally

An interesting account of a range of Cyber courses running in US Universities. Helpful thoughts for those looking to take further Cyber Security education programmes

If you are interested in the financials behind one of the biggest names in Digital Forensics recovery here it is

Interesting article about the ease of inserting covert apps into another’s phone. Uses the reporters phone to cover mSpy and FlexiSpy.
Article discussion the growth in Digital Forensics in the workplace particularly the corporate world for tracking and recovery of evidence in civil cases.

A lot of attention being paid internationally about how Small and Medium enterprises protect themselves.
On that subject within the UK the TalkTalk hack has exposed the vulnerability of a range of corporate held data. Whilst the story is still unravelling, many days later, the big lesson is that if your company has leak you as the CIO are on the front page. And also…..
The quickest way to lose your business is to lose your data

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