Saturday 27 August 2011

Tour of Mt Ventoux. Cycling around it

Having done the annual trip up the Mt Ventoux, I thought I would try out a route I have favoured for some time but not completed. The Tour de La Mt Ventoux. Basically it’s a ride around the mountain. Sound simple. Its not.

Starting at Bedoin there is a relatively easy ride through Flasan to Villes Sur Auzon where the start point for the Gorges de la Nesque is found.

The Gorge is simply an exhilarating ride. Plenty of ups and downs to enjoy. Keeping your eyes peeled on the road is challenging however a necessity not least of all following the thunder storm last night the road is littered with rocks. So extreme caution.

Kicked a few out the way for other cyclists and a couple of rather large ones for everyone to avoid

So the Gorge is a few miles of bliss. You are rewarded with a descent into a beautiful village called Monieux. Well worth a diversion but not for me. On to Sault.

As you approach Sault you pass through numerous Lavender fields. Whilst the smell is still there the flowers aren’t as they were harvested a few weeks ago. But a great sensation to encourage you on. Sault has some fantastic views from the centre of town. But to balance that out there is a steep climb into the town. Great shops for gift BTW. Good supermarket for replenishing oneself

After the compulsory views I headed north to Aurol. This is supposed to be down hill bliss. Unfortunately the wind decided to prevent that and I had to cycle again a strong breeze.

After Aurol turn left along the Tourenlenc Valley or the D72 towards Brantes. I managed to find one field with some remaining Lavender. Lucky me.

Then continue along passed Brantes and take a turning down the D40A towards Veaux. This is one of my favourite places on earth. The great river walk. Brilliant fun for a family. Lots of pools to get soaked scramble over or swim in. Magic.

However on this ride, no larking about so its off back up the hill towards Maeucene. A tough climb but challenging. The ride down into Maleucene was worth the effort. As was the sight of some old WW2 US Army jeeps etc. A bit out of place. But interesting.

Then the usual climb out to the Col De Madeline and back to Bedoin.

About 65 miles.

Start at any point and go either way.

So this mountain has been climbed and circum-ridden.

Job done.

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