Sunday 7 August 2011

Last nights events

Having experienced a range of public violence in Btistol Bradford Birmingham and Harmondsworth I feel enabled to comment in support of the vaste majority of people who were so shocked by the images of last night in Tottenham.
It is very easy for armchair critics to start blaming "the police" and ignore all the wanton acts of aggression and violence that took place.
My thoughts are with colleagues and the local people who had this foisted on them.
There will no doubt be many critics who will pontificate about the actions.
Questions will be asked about who did what when and why. Identifying the truth will be a challenge to say the least.
However officers in the Met and those forces supporting them, know that they have the support sympathy and empathy of all other police officers, staff and our families in tryig to bring this to a conclusion.
It is a most testing time for police leadership. We can only hope that those who will influence our future as a public service take into account that whilst we accept this challenge, we are also human beings as are the officers injured during the disorder last night. We remember them in our thoughts and wish them a speedy recovery.


  1. Just a shame they don't have the support of the Government, except for the odd grandstanding sound bite.

  2. Well done DCC Hyde. The police service in the UK would be in safe hands if there were more in ACPO ranks like you. Most of ACPO have forgotten that an organisation is only as good as its staff. Support your officers and they’ll do the job for you and more.

  3. Well said Guv. Any jobs going up in Cumbria? To have such support from the top in what we all do is something lacking in several forces


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