Monday 18 June 2012

Blue Lamp Trail 30th June

The Blue Lamp Trial

Next week I am embarking on my longest swim. The length of Windermere. The intention is two-fold. First to raise awareness of the Blue Lamp Foundation

Second to raise funding for it.

The mission of the Foundation is
The money that we raise is used to relieve the financial hardship that some personnel of the Emergency Services may face after being criminally injured whilst on duty.

We are aiming to raise £1million by 2013, which will be three years after forming.

On the 30th June I will race Thomas Noblet to the participate in the first Blue Lamp Trial. It will start at 9am and involves us swimming the length of Lake Windermere.
This will be the longest in time and distance I have ever swam. So the unknown.

But it's worth it. I can't think it could in any way approach the pain and suffering many colleagues have endured as a result of criminal attacks and assault.

We want to show support to the families and friends of those injured and to help the Foundation. The Foundation was established by David Rathband and we support it to mark the impact that David had on policing. He is remembered with pride.
We hope that we can do something to help our show rct for his life and contribution to keeping our society safe.

If you can support the Blue Lamp Trial use the link below and donate

Thank you

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