Monday 28 May 2012

About Najib

The guy behind the swim is Najib Belhadi
Here is his swimming CV
A remarkable and jolly man whose ideology of peace drives his work. His water accomplishments are legendary and nothing is too much for this incredible man.
He has built up an awesome reputation for getting things done and tomorrows swim is but one of many
He has written a poem about the aq which is below. It may not translate exactly but the core message of peace runs throughout.

"Neither the strong currents stop him,
Nor the wide sea immensity downs him,

Nor then the media would be unfair for him,
He continues his swim quietly and patiently,

He loves swimming for peace and it's a lifestyle with respect to nature as a principle for him,
Speaking by swim to express peace with the peoples is his ultimo goal,
Whenever he thinks, the sea waves dedicate a blue melody for him,

A big bang from the dark depth of the sea blesses him:
When large waves wake up, the breeze pools bend in reverence before him,
And never the tree hiding the forest!

It’s a question of ‘To be or not to be’ for him!
The Open Water Swimming Home is faithful.

They never forgets its free swimmers,
We see his arms thank the waves across each meter he swims.
It’s already a prelude to a new victory for him.

Moreover, with only his google, cap and swimsuit!
He believes with his companions to change the world for the better!

Mahdia is witnesses for the dove flying over her sea of peace!"

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