Monday 28 May 2012

Day 2

Last night we met up with Najib and the Maltese team for the main swim tomorrow. This morning we had out first practice. The idea is to create a heart shaped swim with one team swimming straight and two teams covering the sides. It was as Najib calls it Water ballet not the Olympics. Many would not associate me with doing ballet. However we started and it seems to work.
Najib is an ex military officer who is completely devoted to Tunisia. An important message he gave me this morning was about the importance of political power. To paraphrase "a president should work for the country and then when he ends his term of office should take his trolley shopping at the supermarket He doesn't own the country he works for it"
Very appropriate
A great crew so far and a real team challenge. As Najib states, we need to be like Dolphins, effortlessly sliding through the water as a team
This is quickly turning into one of those many management exercises to synchronise 3 nationalities to take on a complex task. Great fun

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