Tuesday 24 January 2012

Presentation to Cumbria County Council January 2012

Last week I gave a presentation to Cumbria County Council. This is the abridged content of that delivery
County Council – Kendal January 2012
I want to start my presentation to you today by paying a personal and professional respect to Craig Mackay. As his Deputy for the past almost 3 years I have enjoyed his vision, capacity and total humanity and humility.
It has been a real privilege and honour to have worked with him. The Met have chosen well.
On Monday I take on the role of Chief Constable and I am very grateful to the Police Authority for having the trust and faith in me.
I inherit a great team. The 2 ACCs that you know well will both perform the role of my Deputy over the next 18 months. Jerry Graham starts for the first 9 months then Michelle Skeer for the following 9 months. We will hold one ACC post vacant to save revenue. This will involve substantial changes that we will outline over the next few weeks.
Today is an opportunity for me to do two things
First to outline how we are performing and give you a sense of what we have been up to
Second to explore the relationship we have with you and other key partners, and what we can achieve together in the future.
I will very much appreciate any feedback bad or good and feel free to connect with me by text, email, twitter, letter or we could just talk

We have consistently reduced crime over the past few years and in Cumbria last year we delivered a further 5% reduction
Cumbria has seen crime reduce in many areas such as Violence, Burglary, Car Crime and damage. And we have had major success with organised criminal gangs and serious criminality
Per Capita, Cumbria has fewer burglaries than other Police Forces in the country. There have been nearly 6,400 less reports of ASB compared to the same period last year.
Our overall crime performance is available online under www.police.uk and called Crimemapper. You can use this data locally with constituents or to hold us to account. Your Neighbourhood inspectors will be more than willing to discuss with you
In Feb 2011, in responding to local demand we re-structured our Policing Teams to achieve a number of objectives.
More police on the streets when it matters
Continued close links in communities with partner agencies.
Provide a closer link between our constables and sergeants.
We also delivered Mobile Working that allows our officers to access Police IT outside the station. They stay on patrol with critical information now at their fingertips. As part of a local, agreement we can use Cumbria County Council Wi-Fi. Currently 90 officers per day are using that system. That’s 90 occasions when officers no longer have to return to the station to log on.

We have extensively increased our use of social media, Facebook, twitter, Youtube and Coveritlive:
We Jointly funded a Social media audit by Public i. The results have improved connections with our communities.
‘Tweet day’ with trading standards around Fraud
NFU Farming event
Chaplaincy service and multi faith groups
NHS (with A/Insp Mike Kelly)
Online safety aimed at schools

Within Cumbria we have piloted the roll out of Action Fraud a unique national scheme to improve the response to fraud. Despite some hiccups this is trailblazing the relationship between the police and the commercial world at a national level
We are part of the Cumbria Community Messaging Service which continues to support the variety of watch schemes across the county
We have developed individual partnerships to promote
Pub Watch
Farm Watch
Hotel and Guest House Watch
In December we Launched the 101 number;. This allows callers to contact us more easily.
At Christmas we ran campaigns to raise awareness of alcohol and violence, drink driving etc supported by Council officials

Major events in Cumbria:
Appleby Fair – was the most successful in years – great feedback from communities and travellers alike.
Lady Gaga joined us for the Radio 1 Big Weekend, very little disorder or crime. R1BW put us on the map
Great North Swim, Windermere
Windermere Air show
Cumberland Show
Kendal Calling at Lowther
Blues Festival
All these events building on effective partnerships
During the Summer London and other cities suffered a series of riots – Cumbria Police provided officers to support the Met.
We have a joint venture with Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service. We will be opening a joint training facility at HQ in February
This will help both organisations to make savings.
During the past 12 months we have redesigned our estates. Our ambition is simple. To deliver cost effective facilities to for our officers. In considering our options we have two over riding principles,
Nothing's out and Anything’s in.
We are sharing buildings with partners including Cumbria Fire and Rescue Stations. Equally we are working with Network Centres and have shared facilities in Carlisle and Barrow.

One major success was the recognition of Jonathan Mann, West BCU PCSO, Jane’s Police Review National PCSO of the year. Real recognition for working in your community

At a Business Against Crime Award ceremony in Whitehaven, individuals and companies were acknowledged including Pubwatch, Shop watch, Ambulance and first responders. Another example is the South Lakes business Against Crime Partnership.

Carlisle City West Problem solving group brings together Fire, NHS, Housing, Wardens, Councils, connexions etc. Problems are discussed and solved together.
The team wanted to reduce arsons by removing trees but no budget was available. The group contacted a forestry company with an offer for free training for their new staff i.e. some trees to chop down and at no cost to any organisation.
In Carlisle Operation Moonraker in 2011 tackled violent crime, followed by in Penrith – Operation Nottingham. Street pastors were dealing with people in crisis; taxi Marshalls at key times. Closer working between Police and door staff to enforce Dispersal Orders. Violence has decreased in the City Centre and Penrith.
We have introduced of ASBRA’s, Anti Social Behaviour Risk Assessments at multi agency groups to decide how it is to be tackled, i.e. re-housing, landscaping, access/egress to sites, fly tipping.
And some of our, often forgotten, behind the scenes collaboration.
We are exploring returning to a joint ground maintenance contract. and sharing cleaning services
We have Effective Procurement in Cumbria. EPIC provides opportunities to share purchasing data
Two simple examples are the joint Gas and Couriers contracts
Cumbria Asset Management Group CAMG
Blue Light Estate Managers Group
Fleet working with Cumbria FRS
For our staff we have a joint Lift Sharing scheme
Your officials have helped us develop a Cycle to Work scheme for our officers and staff
We both work together in the Connecting Cumbria partnership and we have both pooled Reward Grant money for our communities rather than spending it in silos on short term selfish schemes.

As you can see there is a lot going on between us. And what of the future. My commitment is to extend this our collaboration. Our residents demand it, our industries demand it, and clearly our budgets demand it.
As far as policing is concerned we will drive efficiencies and will be making savings whilst protecting our front line but delivering the best service we can.
What do we want from you?
Identify any opportunities, tell us when we get it wrong, tell us when we get it right, be creative and help to deliver the best policing possible
From me personally you will see a relentless support for the businesses, environment and beauty that is Cumbria.
I want to be part of promoting the county, it's history, it's businesses and it's people every way we can.
So in closing. It has been a challenging year, we are performing well. We want to build on our joint success and help create a Cumbria that is Safe to live in, where the police are Sensitive to its people and we help you create a Successful County in every way possible
Thank you

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