Friday 27 January 2012

Cumbria launches new initiative Inspira

Today I attended the launch of Inspira.

You may think this is a new Shared Service company, or an amalgamated international change conglomerate

No it’s not any of those.

It’s the reborn and revitalised Connexions Service of Cumbria

I am not usually a fan of rebranding but having listened to the leaders of Inspira outline their vision and goals it all makes sense. Beg, borrowing and more to get a rebrand for almost nothing they have encapsulated the reason why Connexions existed in the first place, to Inspire and get people to achieve their potential.

So what’s behind the name?
Firstly, massive success, as Connexions Cumbria, in placing, training, developing and growing people into future employment. A real sense that “anything is possible” oozes out of their leaders.  Locally they are respected by schools, the University, colleges and most importantly, employers.
Russell Hobby the General Secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers built the audience up with an impressive recognition of Cumbria’s advancements through Connexions. Paul Oginsky Adviser to the Office of Civil Society built on a humorous presentation to guide us into really believing that this not only could be a great change, but was the right change for Connexions in the County.
Finally Mark Bowman as the Chief Executive of Inspira showed his total commitment and enthusiasm.

So what will Inspira actually do?
Well it is all about building on the success of Connexions Cumbria, giving people hope which is much in demand in these difficult and challenging times. But its reach will be broader looking to help organisations as well as individuals to succeed and grow.
As an ex Connexions Birmingham Board member I want to ensure that we as a Constabulary are doing everything possible to assist. Cumbria people, expect it, and indeed demand it for the future of its people.

This is what Inspira is all about

We are a delivery-based provider of community services, and our name reflects our purpose to inspire people, organisations and communities to success.
We offer comprehensive solutions to a wide variety of social challenges, including delivery of statutory services to public bodies and strategic support for local authority programmes supporting youth in the community.
We work in partnership with many organisations, to provide unrivalled expertise and an unmatched network of expert coverage across the country.

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