Wednesday 21 December 2011

Supporting ECPATs rowing team across the Atlantic

ECPAT is an international charity aiming to tackle Child Prostitution and Trafficking.
It is a great charity and here is a tale of what some people are doing this December and all over Xmas to support it,
ECPAT Youth Coordinator Debbie Beadle has done amazing things to set up and run the ECPAT UK Youth Group to support child victims of trafficking.
8 months ago Debbie declared she was going to row across the Atlantic to raise awareness of ECPAT UK and the campaign to get guardians for children who are victims of trafficking.
Now here we are approaching Christmas and Debbie and 4 other amazing women are two weeks into their epic and record breaking attempt to row across the Atlantic on their boat called "˜The Guardian".  They are doing incredibly well and you can follow their voyage on the websites below and listen to their voice blogs.
They started off their journey in the Canary Islands 17 days ago and are heading towards Barbados overcoming new challenges every day. Not only that Debbie and the team are going for two world records, including a world speed record, and they are currently in 7th place and rowing against 16 other teams in the world's toughest rowing challenge. With under 1700 nautical miles left to row they really want you to read their blog, get inspired and donate.  
This Christmas please remember Debbie and the rest of the Row for Freedom team as they endure broken equipment, blisters, 30 foot waves, flying fish and boils on their bum. It's all for a great cause and to remember the plight of those children who are so far away from home and who need just one person they can trust and who will be there for them.
Read Debbie's blog  written from the boat in the mid Atlantic:

Follow their daily progress on The Guardian in the race at :

Donate at:

The lead for this is
Christine Beddoe
Grosvenor Gardens House
35-37 Grosvenor Gardens
London SW1W 0BS
Tel: +44 (0)20 7233 9887
Fax: +44 (0)20 7233 9869
Registered Charity  1104948


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