Sunday 16 October 2011

Bramshill, White Deer and Pumpkins

Bramshill is seen by many in policing here in the UK and abroad as a jewel in the crown of law enforcement. It is a mixture of operational centres, the National Police Library. CEPOL the European Policing Centre, Leadership training and a whole host of other services. Located south of Reading it remains not the most accessible place in the world but has been part of many police officers and staff careers and history.
For me its always been here and despite the fact that its hasn't really changed its looks over the years, its role has been transformed.
Tomorrow I will be supporting the Leading Powerful Partneships programme, a mix of police and other public sector managers and those from the third sector. The formula insists on people really working hard during the week to secure success and forces partners to work together. A little example of how partnerships should work.
Each delegate is supported and recieves constructuive feedback but has the opportunity to test, check and work with different people in a safe environment.
It is no easy journey and in my view is one of the most progressive courses around.
So I am really looking forward to working with my group of senior cops, senior NHS, Local Authority, Fire service and a Colleague from afar. A great mix of skill and talent. The chance to help them develop is very fullfilling.

So more on that next week

I asked people to tell me what I should put on my blog. The next 2 issues come from them.

Living locally to the College is a herd of White Deer

Bramshills' white deer

So whats the connection between Policing and White Deer

Hard to say but perhaps, since a highly respected colleague asked me to add it in, here we are.
They live near Bramshill and seem not to worry about the activities here, equally those attending can coexist with them. If, as a former President of the USA says, People and Fish can live together in perfect harmony then maybe cops and deer can do likewise at Bramshill

To conclude this light-hearted blog Pumkins also need to be addressed,

There is no direct link to policing so here are some recipes once you have used them

But pumpkins are used for Halloween which can be a frightening time for folk, particularly the old or lonely.
Many forces offer advice and guidance. Some have specific posters people can use to ensure they are not to disturbed during the evening

A picture of the No Callers Please - Enjoy your Evening Halloween poster

This is Gwent's which includes a Pumpkin

The next blog will focuses on a host of managerial issues my Tweet followers want me to cover

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