Tuesday 27 October 2015


HTCC Newsletter Update

The newsletter will aim to brief members on issues relating to Digital Forensics and collaboration as well as news about the HTCC  In the news recently




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Authors: Michael Harrington and Michael Cross Pages: 122 Publisher: Syngress ISBN: 0128002166 Introduction Learn how to use Google Earth geo-location in your digital forensic investigations. About the authors Michael Harrington is a former Law Enforcement officer


Using apps, social media and Internet phone services, anonymous threats of violence are forcing school evacuations and responses by Police


TALKTALK hack in the UK caused widespread concern and debate. 

Allegedly 34M peoples data stolen


A group of 28 investigators from 10 African countries are in Kigali for a Cybercrime Investigation Training for the African region. 

It seeks to enhance their capacities in overcoming emerging crimes committed through the use of technology.


These days everyone has access to computers, including criminals. 

This means that it’s rare for a complex case not to involve some kind of digital media, whether it’s a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or a flash drive.


• Apple said it can't help authorities access iPhones running iOS 8 and 9
• This is due to strengthened encryption methods introduced in June 2014
• Apple told US Magistrate Judge James Orenstein that it could access the 10 per cent of its devices that continue to use older operating systems
• Tech giant will find out on Friday whether it will have to help with the case  

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