Tuesday 3 April 2012

Visit to Cumbria By HRH Prince Charles

Today HRH Prince Charles visited Cumbria and was given the opportunity to meet a range of people, businesses and buildings across the county. With precision timing he met many local folk and 'made their day'.
So where did he visit

I have included links o some but not all the locations and organisations he spent time with. A massive collection of great places to visit, and enjoy.

Staverley Mill Yard
A village within a village, Staveley Mill Yard is a collection of businesses, both industrial and retail, which together have created a unique and vibrant working community, only a few miles from the heart of the Lake District.


Hawkshead Brewery
Celebrating it's 10th anniversary


 Fancy Food and Drink
Friendly Food and Drink make a range of award winning products that are suitable for most diabetics and allergy sufferers, as they are made from fructose (fruit sugar), and they contain no glucose, no gluten, no dairy (except curds) and no nuts, just goodness.
Cumbrian Delights main aim is to produce a range of products again award winning, but using ordinary sugar, and with most having a link to Cumbria/Lake District with all its varied culinary creations.

The Wordsworth Trust
Dove Cottage et al


South Lakeland Council


Lakes Parish Council


Wigton Town 
Wigton, a town that existed before AD1100, lies on the Solway Plain between the Caldbeck Fells and the Solway Coast. The meaning of its name comes from Wiggeton, meaning a farmstead or village of a man called Wicga plus the old English personal name ‘tun’. Its nickname was “The Throstles Nest”-a throstle is another name for a thrush. There are a number of stories as to the origin of the nickname. One says a Wigton man returned home from World War I and, upon seeing the town, said, ‘Away lads, it's the throstle's nest of all England!’

Nelson Thomlinson School band

Wigton Youth Station
The Funky Friday Group is a youth provision which is housed in the Wigton Youth Station building.  It is an open group which provides a safe environment for young people (aged 11+) whose lives are affected by disability, to make friends, discuss issues facing them and underpin their development through their social skills.  It is a vibrant place to engage in activities, projects and trips, and most importantly somewhere to have FUN!


Greystone House Farm Shop Greystone House has received several Local and National Awards. It was recommended in The Times newspaper as a fun and healthy alternative to the dreaded service station (July 2005) and they are proud to be one of Rick Stein's food heroes.


During the visit 2 of the Princes funds were supported
The purpose of the Prince’s Rural Action Programme is to engage businesses to make a positive difference to rural communities, through the way in which they do business, in order to sustain the rural economy, protect and enhance the environment and protect the nation’s cultural heritage and landscape.


The Prince’s Countryside Fund is a unique collaboration of brands and businesses working together to support the people who take care of our countryside.

Dalemain House
Dalemain Near Ullswater, on the Northern fringes of the Lake District, Dalemain is a real treasure. The fantastic Lake District historic house and gardens contains behind its Georgian facade, a wealth of Tudor and Mediaeval rooms and buildings. There has been a settlement at Dalemain since Saxon times, when a fortified pele tower is mentioned and the present day courtyard is testimony to the defensive nature of the hamlet surrounding that tower.

Stainton School


And Cumbria Women's Institute

Cumbria is an area of great natural beauty and many unique traditions. The Cumbria-Cumberland Federation stretches from Alston (the UK's highest market town, with its steep cobbled main street) in the north, along Hadrian's Wall, through the historic city of Carlisle, out to the ports of Maryport, Workington, Whitehaven and as far south as Silecroft, as well as all the wonderful towns and villages within these boundaries.

Plenty to look at plenty to do and there are many more where these came from

A big thank you to HRH and to all the many people who made it happen.

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