Friday 23 March 2012

Mountain Rescue Teams

If you get the chance have a read of the Lake District Mountain Search and Rescue Association Mountains Accidents 2011
A long title but an important booklet for anyone contemplating using the Mountains and hills of the Lake District or anywhere else for that matter.

Whilst many of the takes of accidents and injuries supported by MRTs are unfortunate or unavoidable. many are not
So to give you a sample of challenges that have faced our brave and voluntary organisations rescuing you off the Mountains here goes.

"they had a GPS but did not know how to use it"
"family of 5 benighted with no torches"
"map was waterlogged and useless"
"party of 3 decided to climb Skiddaw through an unusual route, benighted with no torches"
"had no map compass or torches"
"had no torch and didn't know what to do"
"GPS batteries failed"
"reported missing by friend, found in Sheffield"

As well as these tales there are heroic incidents that demonstrate the sheer workload and value of MRT response. They help the badly injured, they help locate and retrieve bodies, they rescue many from harm.

If ever you see the Mountain Rescue Teams say thank you. They are there to serve everyone and do so without prejudice about how people find themselves in difficult situations. They will get you out.

But you can also help them by taking some simple precautions. A map, a compass a torch minimum. Many guide books provide simple lists of things to remember.  And take a water proof cover for your map, it has been known to rain in Cumbria. 

MRTs are there to help all of us, let's spread a little common sense, take the things we need and support them to continue to provide the real Forth Emergency Service

If you use the Mountains or have ever been rescued, remember MRTs are volunteers and rely on our financial support.

So give and help them help everyone

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