Tuesday 20 September 2011

Selecting Future Leaders

I have been helping the service to select new leaders for the Police Service throughout the weekend and the start of this week. It has been a challenging and full-on time working late into the nights to ensure that all aspects of the candidates are considered.
An exhausting yet worthwhile time.
The process is a quality one refered to as the Senior Police National Assessment Centre SPNAC


Candidates are tested against a range of criteria through a series of tests and exercises.
To say the least it is stressfull for candidates and it is also highly challenging for assessors who are from within and without the service. Supported by the whole service and well managed by its staff, the process provides an ideal opportunity to test, probe and explore everything candidates have to offer.

A sophisticated methodology is used to assess and determine whether a candidate is successful or not.

4 days of hard work, completely committed to trying to get the best out of candidates.

A very tiring experience to work on, but helps to maintain a high threshold that people need to meet in order to attend the Strategic Command Course

Many thanks to the excellent work of the staff of the NPIA for all the arrangements and service to assessors and candidates and to the direction and leadership of the Director

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