Monday 25 January 2016

Safer Internet Day 9th February

#SID2016 is a great opportunity for take schools to take stock and consider whether they are meeting current educational online requirements. 

So what can your school do?

Teachers and Staff

Get yourselves up to date with what is available to you free on the web that is age appropriate and is ready for use in class
Run lessons focused on internet safety and provide opportunities for your pupils to learn about their own online presence, the risk and potential harm as well as providing the space to gain the most from their experiences online.


Take the opportunity to find out exactly what your children are being taught in school, and find out what to look out for to protect your children and how you can also protect yourselves

School children

Access to tools and guidance so that you can teach yourselves but also have fun doing some of the tasks and watching some of the videos available.

If you want a simple page to copy and upload to your site whether a school charity or other go to



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