Tuesday 14 June 2011

Student Crime thoughts from today

Today I chaired the Students and Crime Review Group meeting. To some just another meeting of people from various agencies pulled together in a a hot and uninspiring part of London. The normal array of minutes agenda apologies etc etc.
BUT this group represents the culmination of over 2 years effort to bring those engaged in student university life together. We have a range of agencies represented;
Home Office
Victim Support
National Landlords Association

A smorgasbord of acronyms. If you don't know who they are look them up. They represent some of the dedicated people who are jointly working to make life better and safer for students. BIS and DCLG weren't there but support the initiative. 
Supported as a funded project that has now come to an end, the group have decided to continue voluntarily to keep the energy and activity going.
The project previously funded by the Home Office included bringing these people and their ideas together. Great investment thank you. But there is still more to do.
The research into crime against students both acquisitive and hate crime outlines the vulnerabilities still existing in many universities. As we start to prepare for 'Freshers' later this year let's just make that extra effort to plan prepare and ensure that the message to help student protect themselves is supported by all the agencies and particularly Student unions who can make such a massive difference. As an ex Deputy President of a student union I understand the challenge of creating student action to anything, but having created marches, demos and a rent strike I know how a little effort makes a great deal of difference.
So as we celebrate the success of our future generation starting their new lives away from home in the Autumn, let send them off with some simple advice and guidance.
Use the NUS guidance available at
Your new university student union should also have plenty of information and guidance. If your student union is NUS you will also be able to access the excellent App soon to be available.
If it's not in NUS. Get it in.

Also as a prospective student look at the availability of accommodation. Read the National Landlords Association website
It will impact on the availability of good accommodation

Finally a big thanks to Ben, Mark, and Raywen who are moving on. You have served your cause well. Thank you for being there. Thank you for your contributions.

Looking forward to a new year of challenges.

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